Thanks for visiting. Having secured the .com site for my name, I thought I should post a few pages.

This site presents some of my professional interests including selling, business development, leadership, communication, public speaking and personal success.

I hope to develop this site as time allows.

For now, it presents a few resources for developing leadership skills and improving business communication.

People's aspirations encompass many aims. To take leadership positions, accomplish worthwhile objectives, achieve autonomy, become financially secure, gain recognition by the elite, pursue passions, do the most difficult things, fulfil the expectations of peers, achieve a balance, or just fit in.

Communication and personal leadership skills are a cornerstone of fulfilment. I hope you will take a few moments to explore the learning I have collected or linked here.

If you are looking for support:


Everyone with aspirations, goals, objectives, ambitions, or imperatives can benefit from having a coach.

Someone who is paying attention, who will facilitate our planning and notice if we slack, procrastinate, or slip in our resolve; someone who will turn a spotlight on the dark corners where our excuses scurry; someone who makes us meet the commitments we make to ourselves. It doesn't matter how well motivated you are, a coach will help you get where you are going, faster.

Improving any soft skill, and most of all, improving leadership, communication, and public speaking skills depends on practise, feedback and good advice.


One-to-one or small group training through a series of short sessions held online can be more effective than traditional classroom training.

Maximise personal impact through a range of training programmes covering planning, interpersonal communication, public speaking, leadership skills, and negotiation.

Public Speaking

If you need to make an event stand out in people's memory yet don't have the funds to hire a celebrity. 

Having had the privilege to teach thousands of sales people, I have learned to entertain.

As many will acknowledge, having a short attention span is common amongst salespeople.

Sales trainers depend on high energy, humour, and an interactive style.


Good writing mostly depends on hard work. Being unwilling to settle for less than the best you can produce. It is time-consuming to produce effective copy for websites, articles, brochures, letters, and proposals. If you don't have the time, have someone else do it.

This site is focused on improving public speaking, interpersonal communication, and leadership skills.

Follow this link for sales training, and business development services.