Clive Miller

SalesSense is a business that Clive Miller started in 1996 as a platform for selling his time and expertise. It lives on supported by associates and a few kith and kin.

The SalesSense website continues to offer help to those interested in sales performance improvement.

SalesSense specialises in serving the needs of companies involved in complex sales to businesses and organisations. The Company contributes through consulting, sales team evaluation and assessment, training or coaching, and sales enablement services.

Clive is the author of over twenty training courses covering a range of communication, management, and leadership topics as well as specialist sales skills and methods.

Clive's sales career began in 1977 when he adopted the sales role for the scientific instrumentation company. From 1979, he spent five years implementing and developing sales campaigns for the top UK Intel components' distributor, Rapid Recall. In 1983, as companies began to use personal computers, he joined PC reseller, Quest, to help make the new technology solve business problems. Joining Sun Microsystems in 1985, he sold distributed computing solutions for technical applications and became familiar with the early use of e-mail and the Internet for global communications. After pioneering Sun's UK indirect sales channel, he joined Silicon Graphics in 1989 to set up and manage their 'Value Added Reseller' programme. In 1992, he was appointment National Territory Sales manager and led UK sales teams to doubled revenue and profits three years in succession.

As a consultant, sales trainer, speaker, and coach, Clive has helped hundreds of companies and thousands of people increase sales productivity, efficiency, and results.